Why Grooming Our Pups at Home is Important


Our furbabies are more than just pets. For many of us, they are our family. And while the happiest dogs are clean and well-cared for, keeping them looking their best takes work. Grooming is of course beyond a quick swipe with a brush. It takes many different forms, whether it’s clipping their nails to an optimal length; cleaning their teeth for a healthy smile; wiping their ears and eyes so they can experience the world comfortably; and of course, brushing and bathing their coat to bring out its natural shine. 

Looks Good, Feels Good

Just as brushing our teeth feels satisfying and helps minimize dental issues in the future, grooming our furry friend has a similar effect.  

Keeping Our Pup's Health in Check

For instance, regularly cleaning our pup’s eyes and ears with specially formulated pet wipes helps wipe away existing tear stains and helps remove debris that could cause duct blockage. Meanwhile, combing your dog to remove small tangles on a regular basis means fewer large mats that could develop over time—saving you and your dog the frustration later. 

A Bonding Time with Our Best Friend

Grooming is also necessary because it is an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our furry friend’s body. For instance, combing them after playing outside doubles as a chance to inspect them for fleas and ticks. If we regularly clean their teeth, the more likely we will realize when something looks (or smells) out of the ordinary. When we are trimming their nails, we may notice a sensitive spot in their paws.

With consistent grooming, we are better educated on any potential problems we may want to bring up to the veterinarian.

Dog grooming at home is our chance to spend one-on-one time with our best friend.  KONG ZoomGroom is a great option for quality grooming time because it lifts excess hair while also massaging your dog for a therapeutic—and most importantly, positive—grooming experience.

Additionally, grooming builds our pet’s trust as we ease them through a situation that may be uncomfortable, such as cleaning their ears with pet wipes and brushing away knots and tangles that's causing their skins sore. 

When we look at each grooming task as a way to give our furry friend some love and attention, suddenly brushing, clipping, or bathing don’t seem like such daunting responsibilities anymore! 

Regular grooming improves our pup’s overall wellbeing while making life easier for us and our best friend in the long run. Now that we know why it’s important to groom our dog, let's master up home grooming skill with our favorite grooming finds we've pulled together from the best brands to keep our furry best friends in tip-top shape. These oral cares, hair brushes, gadgets, deodorizers and cleaning wipes will make it easier to clean and groom your pup at home.






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