Our Story

We're Boffo Shop - an inclusive shop created for pawrents, by pawrents.

Boffo Shop's existence is all thanks to Barbie and Puppy, our two goodest girls. As they're loved unconditionally, we want them to live happy, and healthy long lives. From foods and supplements, to hygiene cares, toys and accessories, high-quality products are the only way for their well-being. After 5 years with them, we got to know a lot of great products we love. Many pawrents asked us what food they eat, what products they use and Boffo is created because we want to share the best ways to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to become the most reliable and trusted destination for pet parents and partners nationwide.

Our products are hand-picked with love and carefully selected to meet the needs and improve the lives of you and your furry companions.

We're certain that by understanding our pet's behavioral, nutritional, and hygienic needs, we can provide them as best as we can so we're giving them the best lives they deserve.