DOGGYMAN Tough Chewing Toy M

DOGGYMAN Tough Chewing Toy M

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・Recommended for dogs who are not satisfied with soft toys, it is a toy with a good feeling of chewing rubber and cloth.

・By chewing, you can maintain the health of your teeth and gums and the strength of your jaw, and you can enjoy dental care while playing!

-M size for small and medium-sized dogs that are stick type and easy to hold in your hand. [How to use] ・Be sure to read the instruction manual before use. Please keep it in a safe place after reading it. [Caution] ・Protect the application and target.・Do not use or store the product within the reach of children.・Do not use near fire, near stairs, close to objects that fall easily, or near fragile objects.・When used by a child, an adult is present for safety.・When throwing, check the surrounding safety and do not hit people or pets.・To prevent accidental ingestion (especially beware of young dogs): ○ Check the damage before use, do not use if the damage is noticeable ○ Play with a good understanding of the dog's personality, habit, physical condition, etc. ○ Always play in front of the public ○ If you keep biting for a long time, toy once Stop using if scratches start to stand out ○ Store after play at a place where dogs do not touch it ○ In case of accidental ingestion, consult a veterinarian immediately Do not leave it wet as it may happen.